Gus & Dottie   1936


August Frank

            Gus was born on October 30, 1908.  Gus dropped out of school after the 9th grade.  Dottie was in Jo’s Sunday School Class.  She introduced Gus to Dottie.  They dated for about a year before they got married.  They got married January 9, 1936.  He worked for the Swiss Bank and worked himself up to Vice President.  They had two girls, Judith and Wendy.  He died on March 23, 1994, 




Helen Frank   1952


Helen Frank

            Helen was born on December 24, 1910.  Helen dropped out of school when she was 14.  She went to work for the Beardsley Co and gave most of her earnings to the family.  Helen loved to dance and went with Edna Eisler to Coney Island to dance.  She then worked for a lawyer and then went to the Phone Company. Helen never married, she dated a lot.  One interest was Jack Bart.  Jack’s wife caught them once fooling around in his office.  He was married, but they dated for years.  Another one was Fred Moore.  Fred wanted to marry her, but, she didn’t want to.  She retired in 1975.   She died on February 26, 2003.




Josephine & Alfred   1941


Josephine Frank Bruggemann

            She was born November 10, 1914.  She graduated from High School a year early in 1932.  She went on vacation to Green Lake in the Catskills in 1939.  There she met Alfred Bruggemann and they started dating.  They got married June 21, 1941.  She worked for Stewart Maurice, a lawyer during the war while Alfred worked in a shipyard.  After the war they moved to 8905 Rutledge Avenue, in Queens.  She had three children, Gary, JoAnn and Glen.  Alfred died November 13, 1989 and she died September 20, 1997.




Maizie & Joseph   1940



Marie “Maizie” Frank Richards

            She was born on August 6, 1918.  She graduated from High School in 1936.  She worked in the legal department for Metropolitan Life.   Once when she was around 18, Maizie flirted with a man in his 30’s who was painting the front of the building.  When he asked her out, she said yes.   Her father did not like her dating a man that much older than her and when they returned home and were saying goodnight, he came down in his long johns and chased him away.

She met Joseph Richards who was a cousin of a friend of hers.  She married him on September 21, 1940.  They moved to a one bedroom apartment in 1942.  She had three children, Michael, Peter and Maribeth.  Joseph died in June of 1975 and she died on April 7, 2002