Clyde Richardson

World War II Service

12/1941 Gainesville, Fl—Went to enlist and even though he was thirty years old, he was told that he needed his parent’s signature. He went outside, signed his parent’s names and was accepted.

12/22/41 Enlisted as an Apprentice Seaman for $21.00 per month at Navy Recruiting Station, Macon, Georgia.

2/13/41 Reported to Navy Training Center, Norfolk, Virginia for Boot Camp.

3/12/42 Graduated from Boot Camp in Norfolk, Virginia.

3/14/42 Transferred to Armed Guard Center, Little Creek, Virginia for instruction.

4/3/42 Reported to Armed Guard Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.

5/29/42 Advanced to Seaman 1 class.

4/3/42 SS Geminy – Lost screw in the Northern Atlantic. When told to shoot anything that moved. He popped off a few rounds of 20 millimeter at a whale. Missed the whale but caught a mouthful from his CO.

Stopped at Halifax, Novascotia, Iceland & Greenland

7/15/42 Leave

8/1/42 Brooklyn – Armed Guard Center – Promoted to Seaman 1st class

8/4/42 SS Oliver Ellsworth—Crew on a 20 millimeter gun mount

8/9/42 Halifax, Novascotia (5 or 6 days)

8/24/42 Iceland (2 or 3 days)

SS Oliver Ellsworth PQ-18

9/13/1942 - The sea was calm and the sky was overcast. The SS Oliver Ellsworth, a 7,191-ton liberty ship that was not yet three months old. She sailed with convoy PQ-18 and was just west of the Southern Cape of Spitsbergen, headed for Murmansk. Each sailor knew the disaster that happened to the previous convoy, PQ-17. The Convoy had been at sea since September 2, when it departed Loch Ewe in Northwest Scotland. Yesterday, after several alarms, definite contact was made with a German patrol plane. Now 40 merchant ships, 24 destroyers, an escort carrier and several smaller vessels were waiting for the inevitable attack.
On the starboard side of the convoy, the SS Oliver Ellsworth, a freighter, kept station. It was just a little before 8:00 A.M. and the crew was just finishing up breakfast. Petty Officer Third Class Clyde Richardson and a young merchant sailor emerged on deck from the Mess Decks. General Quarters was to be called soon.
While standing by the rail, amidships, they both spotted a periscope about 200 yards away. As they watched, it slipped under the waves. A short time later a torpedo slammed into the stern. The ship bucked and then began to settle by the stern.
Petty Officer Richardson ran for his General Quarters station and strapped himself to his 20-millimeter anti-aircraft gun. Richardson soon realized that the ship was going to sink. He unstrapped himself and began to make his way aft to his berthing area to get his life jacket. After seeing water beginning to come over the stern, he changed direction to his abandon ship station.
The Ellsworth had four lifeboats. Petty Officer Richardson’s station was the second boat on the port side. By the time he arrived, the first boat was being lowered. The man handling the forward line let it go to soon and the boat hit the water bow first and capsized. The second boat made it.
There being no ladder, Richardson jumped down the eight feet from the deck to the boat. He and the three other sailors tried to hold the boat next to the ship so others could board it. As the momentum of the ship carried the ship forward and the waves pushed the boat back, the men lost in their effort to keep the boat along side the Ellsworth.
They began to search and pick up other crewmembers that had jumped overboard. One crewman that made it was Charles R. Cronk. In less than an hour the British armed trawler HMS St. Kenan picked them up and continued looking for survivors. Later the St. Kenan sunk the Ellsworth with gunfire.
Later in the day the crew was transferred to a British light Cruiser. 30 to 40 Junkers 88s and Heinkel 111s began their attack on the convoy. The Ellsworth gun crews were assigned to help the British gunners, as they attempted to knock down German Planes that flew overhead. They just got brief glimpses of them through the low clouds and were unable to score any hits as the Cruiser left the convoy to return to Scapa Flow.
A couple of days later they arrived at Scapa Flow. Only one of the Ellsworth crew was lost. Of the 40 merchantmen that started with the convoy, 13 were lost. The U-Boat that sunk the Ellsworth was the U-408, Captain Reinhard von Hymmen. The U-408 was later sunk on November 5, 1942.
The following notation was entered in Clyde Richardson’s service record-“Performed meritorious service as a member of the Armed Guard Crew of a merchant vessel during attack and subsequent sinking of vessel by an enemy submarine on 13 September 1942.”

9/13/42 SS Oliver Ellsworth torpedoed and sunk by the U-408 during Murmansk Convoy PQ-18

9/17/42 Scapa Flow

9/18/42 Glascow, Scotland

9/23/42 Roseneth, Scotland

10/20/42 Liverpool, England

10/22/42 On ship in transit to United States

11/1-20/42 Leave

11/20/42 Brooklyn—Armed Guard Center (12/6/42 met Edna Frank at WMCA)

12/18/42 SS Northern Sun—While waiting for bus, watched fight break out. When police came, the guilty parties ran. He was picked up and spent the night in jail. He was released the next day due to lack of evidence.

4/16/43 Promoted to Gunners Mate 3rd Class.

6/18/43 Leave

6/27/43 Clyde went swimming with Edna Frank on his birthday.

7/1/43 U.S.N. Rest Center, College Arms Hotel, Deland, Florida

7/18/43 Brooklyn-Armed Guard Center

8/2/43 Washington D.C. for gunnery school

10/14/43 Receiving Station, Lido Beach, Long Island, New York for duty in the U.S.S. Marshall (DD-676)

USS Marshall DD-767 in 1943

10/16/43 Reported on board the U.S.S. Marshall DD-676—Assigned port side forward 40-millimeter AA gun.

12/13/43 During shakedown cruise off Bermuda, Marshall was directed to provide escort for USS Iowa BB-61 that was carrying President Roosevelt back from a Big Three meeting in Teheran.

1/6/44 Departed New York for Pearl Harbor via Panama Canal.

The USS Marshall in the background in the Panama Canal

1/28/44 Arrived Pearl Harbor. The ship underwent further training and acted as escort to battle damaged ships returning for repairs.

3/18/44 Crossed International Date Line. Qualified as Golden Dragon.

3/20/44 Arrived Majuro with TG 58.2

3/25/44 Crossed Equator this date. Qualified Shell Back.

3/29/1944 Predawn General Quarters – Task Force shot down an enemy bomber. Marshall has picket duty 8 to 10 miles ahead of Task Force. Went to GQ at 1930, sighted enemy planes.

3/30/44 Participated in the attack on Palau Island. The first planes attack at 0630. They lay down mine fields to keep Jap ships in harbor. Attacked the Island. Jap planes destroyed on the ground. Island ablaze. 2 Jap Destroyers and 6 of the 13 transports left burning. Rescued 1 pilot and his gunner that was shot in the arm. 11 Jap planes attacked Task Force. 7 of the planes were shot down and the other four made a run for it.

3/31/44 Task Forced attacked again. This time the AA fire was stiffer. We lost 27 planes. A DE destroyed a transport. Later a Destroyer spotted a boat full of survivors and sunk it.

4/1/44 Participated in the attack on Woleai Island. Lost about 40 planes today.

4/2/1944 Day very hot. Refueled from USS Cabot CVL-28. They gave the Marshall, 15 gallons of ice cream.

4/6/1944 Still steaming towards Majuro. Much rain and rough seas. Payday.

4/8/44 Arrived in Majuro.

4/9/1944 Easter Sunday – Received mail.

4/11/44 Named his 40 mm gun “Miss Edna”

4/13/1944 Got under way at 0815.

4/16/1944 Marshall is about 250 miles from Rabaul.

4/19/44 Refueled at 0600 from USS San Francisco CA-38. Captain announces we are going to attack Hollandia.

4/21-27/44 Participated in TF 58’s strikes against Hollandia in New Guinea. Planes took off at 0530. Destroyed about 12 planes on the ground and 14 barges and small craft were sunk.

4/22/44 Planes took off at 0555, first plane crashed into the foremast of the USS New Orleans CA-32. Troops laded and took the first objective by 1300. Had trouble with the second objective.

4/23/44 Planes attacked most of the day.

4/25/44 Captain made a speech and congratulated the crew for a job well done. The Captain stated, “We are going back to Majuro, but on the way we are going to bomb Truk.”

4/29/44 Participated in TF 58’s strikes against Truk. Refueled and received mail. Some of the old sailors said that that was the first time they ever received mail at sea.


4/29/44 Went to GQ at 0810-attacked by Jap torpedo planes. The fighters intercepted 15 planes and shot down 12. The 3 that got through headed for the USS Yorktown CV-10, but she shot one of them down. The San Francisco shot down 1 and a Can got the last one. The Marshall fired 100 rounds of 5 inch and many rounds of 40’s and 20’s. At 2325 the Marshall was out on picket duty and 2 torpedo planes attacked. They fired to torpedos. One missed the Marshall’s stern by 50 feet. Marshall fired 150 rounds of 5 inch.

5/4/1944 Arrived in Majuro at 1145, refueled and received 30 bags of mail. That night Movie Call.

5/14/1944 Under way at 0710. Headed to Wake Island and Marcus Island with 3 new carriers, Essex (CV-9), Wasp (CV-7) and San Jacinto (CVL-30).

5/15/44 Had Anti aircraft practice, got 8 sleeves.

5/17/44 Steaming just 700 miles from Tokyo.

5/18/1944 Refueled from the USS Boston CA-69, then screened the task force so the rest could refuel. Detached from the Task Force with Hunt, Hancock, Hickok, Reno and San Juan.

5/21/44 Rejoined Task Force.

6/1/44 Moored with other destroyers along side the USS Cascade (AD-16) in Majuro Harbor, Marshall Islands

6/3/44 Underway for a day of training exercises and then return to Majuro Harbor.

6/6/44 Underway with USS Bunker Hill (CV-17), Monterey (CVL-26), Wasp (CV-7), Cabot (CVL-28), Iowa (BB-61) & New Jersey (BB-62).

6/9/44 Refueled from USS Biloxi (CL-80) 0759 – 0921.

6/11/44 Steaming in company with TG 58.2 as a unit of TO 58.2.3 (screen) with USS Lexington (CV-16) and USS Indianapolis (CA-35). Carriers launched air strikes against Guam and Saipan.

6/12/44 Carriers launched air strikes against Guam and Tinian.

6/13/44 The Task Force is just 26 miles east of Saipan Island.

6/14/44 Steaming in company with USS Bunker Hill (CV-17), Wasp (CV-7), Monterey (CVK-26), Cabot (CVL-28), Mobile (CL-63), Biloxi (CL-80), Santa Fe(CL-60) and Desron 52, Iowa (BB-61), New Jersey (BB-62) and USS Sullivans (DD-537). At 0433 Bunker Hill (CV-17) launched air strike against Rota Island. At 1251 the Marshall refueled from the Iowa (BB-61).

6/15/44 Fired on enemy plane 14,000 yards off the port quarter.

6/16/44 0653—commenced fueling from USS Platte (AO-24).

6/19-20/44 Battle of the Philippine Sea (Marianas Turkey Shoot) During the course of this battle the Japanese lost 3 aircraft carriers and 395 carrier based planes. The Marshall was credited with an assist on downing two planes. The Marshall was with Admiral Marc Mitscher when 216 planes were returning from a raid on Admiral Ozawa’s fleet. It was after dark and unable to find the carriers, the planes began to run out of gas and crash into the sea. At the risk of a submarine attack, Mitcher ordered the Task Force to turn on its lights.

6/19/44 0541-Enemy aircraft reported at a distance of 25 miles, went to general quarters. 0637-Secured from general quarters. 1014-Large group of enemy aircraft reported at 114 miles and closing on task force. 1022-Went to general quarters. 1112-Enemy aircraft attacking other task groups near our formation. 1451-Secured from general quarters. 1817-Enemy aircraft reported closing our formation, went to general quarters. 1853-Secured from general quarters as enemy planes turned away from our formation. During day’s operations, Marshall assisted in shooting down two enemy planes over the formation.

6/20/44 1545-Ctf 58 received contact report of Japanese Fleet, bearing 290 degrees distant 215 miles. All carriers ordered to prepare to launch planes for strike. 1627-Carriers launched aircraft for strike against Japanese Task Force bearing 280 degrees, distant 250 miles. 2140 maneuvered at various courses and speeds to recover crash survivors. 2150-Stopped to recover 3 survivors from the USS San Jacinto (CVL-39).

6/21/44 0932-recovered 2 airmen from USS Bunker Hill (CV-17).

6/23/44 Steaming with CTF (carrier task force) 58 with USS Lexington (CV-16). 1205-General quarters as enemy planes reported in the area. 1224-secured from general quarters.

6/25/44 Steaming in company with TG 58.2 composed of Bunker hill (CV-17), Wasp (CV-7), Cabot (CVL-28), Monterey CVL-26) and South Dakota (BB-57).

6/27/44 1048-Moored in Eniwetok next to Arethusa (IX-135) (tanker) to receive Navy special fuel oil. 1225-completed refueling. 1234-underway to port side USS Neshavic (AO-71) to receive diesel oil. 1340-completed refueling and anchored at berth 578 Eniwetok Harbor, Marshall Islands.

6/30/44 0702-underway.

7/4/44 Participated in the strikes against Chichi Jima and Iwo Jima.

7/13/44 Formed screen for 10 ships. Marshall assigned to screening station #9. 1122-commenced refueling with USS Pecos (AO-65).

7/14/44 Wasp (CV-7) & Monterey (CVL-26) commenced launching air strikes against Guam. 1540-Franklin (CV-13) and Monterey (CVL-26) commenced flight operations. 1816-Hickox (DD-673) arrived alongside for passing mail.

7/15/44 0600-Formation commenced refueling operations. Screen rotating revolving to cover destroyers involved. 0980-Carriers commenced flight operations.

7/17/44 1217-Formation commenced scheduled fueling operations. 1546-arrived portside of USS Schuylkill (AO-76) for refueling.

7/18/44 Steaming with TG 58.2 composed of Wasp (CV-7), Franklin CV-13), Monterey CVL-26), Boston (CA-69), Canberra (CA-70), San Juan (CL-54) and DesRon 52 at a speed of 22 knots. Marshall (DD-676) on picket station 10 miles ahead of formation. 0846-received mail from Hancock. 1420-Marshall commenced test firing of automatic weapons. 1433-secured from drill.

7/19/44 1356-All carriers commenced flight operations for strikes on Guam.

7/21/44 0527-Carriers commenced launching planes for strikes on Guam.

7/22/44 0831-exercised at general quarters for drill. 0904-secured from general quarters.0957-Arrived along side of USS Franklin (CV-13) to transfer SC1c Paulson with acute appendicitis. 1902-Anchored in Garapan Roads, Saipan Island, Marinas islands with various units of the U.S. Pacific fleet. Ship darkened. Gunfire and illumination observed on Saipan Island through watch.

7/23/44 0625-Underway. 1929-Commenced refueling from USS Tappahonnoch (AO-43).

7/24/44 1007-received mail from USS Owen (DD-536).

7/25/44 0646-Arrived alongside USS Canberra (CA-70) for refueling and transfer of S1c Queen who has an acute appendicitis. 1030-Received mail from USS Tingey (DD-539). Carriers commence air strikes against Palau.

7/26/44 Wasp and Franklin commenced air strikes against Koror Island.

7/27/44 1020-Plane crashed abeam to port: distant 3000 yards. 1025-Stopped to recover two survivors from USS Franklin (CV-13).

7/28/44 0723-Commenced refueling from USS Indiana (BB-58).

7/29/44 0710-arrived alongside the USS Franklin (CV-13). 0713-received mail and SC1c Paulson. 0752- Arrived alongside the USS Wasp (CV-7) for transfer of personnel. 1047-transferred mail to USS Hunt (DD-674). 1626-Arrived alongside starboard quarter of USS San Juan (CL-54) for transfer of personnel. 1755-USS Yorktown relieved USS Franklin.

7/31/44 Steaming in company with TG 58.4 consisting of Essex, Langley, Iowa, New Jersey, Indiana, Alabama, San Diego and DesRon 52.

8/1/44 1736-arrived along side the USS Essex (CV-9) to receive mail.

8/4/44 Arrived alongside USS Alabama (BB-50) and received 100,998 gallons of fuel.

8/6/44 1349-received mail from USS Miller (DD-535).

8/7/44 Steaming in company with Iowa (BB-61), Washington (BB-56), Indiana (BB-58), Birmingham (CL-62), The Sullivans (DD-537) and DesDiv 103. 1053-arrived starboard side of USS Pecos (AO-65) for refueling.

8/8/44 2054-exercised at General Quarters for drill.

8/9/44 1420-commenced test firing 5” guns.

8/11/44 1220-entered port-Eniwetok, Marshall Islands. Moored beside USS Signal (ID-1532) for refueling.

8/12/44 Moored as before.

8/19/44 Moored as before. 1150-commenced pumping fuel to USS Piedmont (AD-17). Pumped 53,000 gallons to USS Piedmont (AD-17). 2227-Air flash “red”. All hands to General Quarters. 2248-Air flash “white”. Secured from GQ.

8/20/44 Moored as before. 1035-Commenced delivering fuel oil to USS Owen (DD-776).

8/22/44 Moored as before 1005-Copmmenced fueling from USS Piedmont (AD-17).

8/23/44 Moored as before. 0628-Underway. 1330-Commenced scheduled drone firing exercise. 1550-Commenced AA firing at towed sleeve.

8/24/44 Steaming in company with Franklin 9CV-13), San Jacinto (CVL-30), Belleauwood (CVL-24), Biloxi (CL-80), New Orleans (CA-32) & DesDiv 11. 0707- Ship exercised at General Quarters to repel simulated air attack during special exercise “6D”. 0921-Went to General Quarters for drill firing. Secured from GQ having expended 24 rounds of 5” ammunition. 1045-Commenced exercise “13A”. 1113-Completed exercise having expended 16 rounds of 5” and 20 rounds of 40mm. 1717-moored port side USS Platte (AO-24) for fuel. 1843-moored starboard side USS Farenholt (DD-491) in Eniwetok Harbor.

8/25/44 Moored Eniwetok Harbor, Marshall Islands. 0530-Underway. 0900-Ship exercised GQ for “AA” firing at towed sleeve. 0930 Sonar contact 060 degrees at 1400 yards. Set course to investigate. 0950-Contact negative. 1030-Ceased “AA” exercise. 1500-exercised at general quarters. 1520-Cancelled gunnery exercise due to casualty on target.

8/26/44 0934—Maneuvering to rescue personnel in plane crash astern of Bunker Hill (CV-17). 944-Picked up pilot from USS Intrepid (CV-11). 1640-moored to starboard side USS Manileno (IX-141) for fuel.

8/27/44 1325-Entered floating dry-dock, ARD 23.1345-secured main engines and other machinery. 1347-Commenced pumping out dry-dock. 1425-grounded on keel blocks.

8/28/44 Grounded on keel blocks as before. The Hull Board inspected the underwater hull fittings, shafting, and rudder. Conditions satisfactory except for missing rope guards. 0920-Commenced flooding the dry-dock.

1008-Cleared keel blocks. 1201-Moored port side to USS Melvin (AO-338) to receive 100,847 gallons of fuel. 1414-Anchored in 20 fathoms of water.

9/6-24/44 Took part in the Palau and Philippine operations

9/12/44 0840-Commenced maneuvering on various courses and at various speeds to investigate small boat bearing 320 degrees at 15 miles from Task Group 38.2.0858-Captured and picked up 44 Japanese survivors from the Cruiser Natori, sunk 18 August by Hardhead (SS-365). Boat was sunk by gunfire: 350 rounds of 40 mm and 240 rounds of 20 mm expended. 1100-Arrived alongside USS New Jersey (BB-62) (Com3rdFlt). 1115-Transferred all documents and gear along with 2 of the most intelligent looking prisoners. 1118-All lines clear. 1150-received mail from USS Sullivans (DD-537). 1653-Alongside Bunker Hill (CV-17) and commenced transfer of prisoners.

September 12, 1944

9/13/44 0530-Uunidentified planes reported to westward, exercised at precautionary general quarters. 0606-Commenced carrier operations for air strikes on Leyete, Luzon and Samar. 0622-All unidentified planes clear of area; secured from general quarters.

9/16/44 0820-Arrived along starboard side of Saugatuck and commenced fueling. 1003-Arrived alongside USS Owen (DD-536) to pass mail. 1110-Arrived along side of USS Mississinewa (AO-59). To receive mail for TG 38.2. 1301-Mail passing completed. 1350-Passed mail to New Jersey. 1416-Passed mail to Iowa (BB-61). 1505-Passed mail to Hancock (-19). 1524-Passed mail to Hunt (DD-674). 1549-Passed mail to Wedderburn. 1615-Passed mail to Sullivans.

9/17/44 1004-Sighted Peleliu Island bearing 083 degrees, distant 25 miles.

9/21/44 0759-Carriers commenced flight operations for strikes against Clark Field, Nichols Field and Manila Bay.

9/22/44 Operating in area off East Coast of Luzon Island, Philippine Islands, while conducting fighter sweeps and air strikes against air fields and shipping in vicinity of Manila Bay. 0550-Went to general quarters to repel threatened air attack. 0641-Secured from general quarters. 0745-Went to general quarters to repel threatened air attack. 0821-All enemy planes clear of area, secured from general quarters.

9/26/44 Steaming in company with Task Force 34 composed of New Jersey (ComThirdFlt-Admiral Halsey), Washington, Massachusetts, Alabama, CruDiv 14 and DesRon 52.

9/27/44 0854-Went alongside starboard side of USS Enoree (AO-69) to receive fuel. 1340-Commenced training exercises. Conducting 20 mm and 40 mm firing at towed sleeve and test fire of Mk 32 fuzed 5” projectiles.

9/28/44 0525-Ships of Task Force 34 proceeding independently to enter Garapan Roads, Saipan Island. DesDiv 104 formed screen 53 on BatDiv 9. Marshall commenced patrolling sector at 12 knots.

9/29/44 1407-Anchored in berth H-38, Garapan Island, Saipan Island. 1553-Underway

10/1/44 0856-Anchored in berth #130 in 22 fathoms of water in Ulithi Harbor, Western Caroline Islands.

10/3/44 0554-Underway

10/4/44 1050-Moored starboard side to USS Cimarron (AO-22) for fuel. 1225-Underway for berth #130. 1228-Anchored in berth #130, Ulithi Harbor.

10/5/44 1106-Moored starboard side to USS Alabama (BB-60) for provisioning ship. Received 223 rounds of 5” 38 projectiles. 1635 Underway. 1740-Relieved USS Stephen Potter at patrol station 2.

10/6/44 Marshall’s task group got underway.

10/10/44 Task group sent strikes against Okinawa.

10/12-14/44 Task group sent strikes against Formosa.

10/14/44 Marshall provided antiaircraft cover for damaged cruiser USS Canberra (CA-70).

10/23-27/44 The Battle of Leyte Gulf was the largest naval battle ever fought. The Marshall was part of the destroyer screen that protected Admiral William F. Halsey on the battleship New Jersey. Admiral Halsey ordered his fleet of 17 Aircraft Carriers, 6 Battleships, 17 Cruisers and 64 Destroyers to steam North in pursuit of Admiral Ozawa’s fleet consisting of 7 Aircraft Carriers. In this battle, the Japanese lost 4 Carriers, 3 Battleships, 10 Cruisers and 9 Destroyers. After this battle the Japanese Navy was no longer was an effective fighting force.

10/24/44 Steaming in company with Intrepid (CV-11), New Jersey (BB-62), Vincennes (CA-44), Biloxi (CL-80) and Miami (CL-89). 0130-Unidentified aircraft closing on bearing 270 degrees. Independence (CVL-22) launched night fighter. Cushing fired on plane. 0215enemy plane being chased by night fighters. 0227-one enemy plane splashed by night fighter. 0335-One Mavis splashed by night fighter. 1806-USS Independence (CVL-22) leaving formation with Yarnell (DD-541) and Stockham (DD-683) to conduct independent searches for enemy forces. 1952-Ship went to General Quarters, enemy planes reported in area. 2123-All clear; secured from General Quarters.

10/25/44 Steaming with Intrepid (CV-11), Independence (CVL-22), Cabot (CVL-28), Iowa, and New Jersey. 0145-Commenced operating radar I; enemy aircraft in vicinity. 0211-Independence (CVL-22) planes reported enemy surface contact of 6 ships, distance 85 miles on course 110 degrees, speed 15. 0235-Planes report contact of second group of 6 ships 40 miles astern of first. 0245-changed course to 000 degrees. 0900-Ship went to general quarters. Enemy planes reported approaching. 0957-All planes friendly from returning strike on enemy force. Secured from General Quarters. 1526-commenced fueling from USS Washington (BB-56).

10/26/44 0042-CruDiv 14 and DesDiv 103 proceeding to investigate contact reported by Hancock (CV-19). 0130-Crusiers and Destroyers returning after having sunk target believed to be Atago class cruiser. 0620-Passing many Japanese floating in water.

10/27/44 0909-received fuel alongside USS Neosho (AO-48).

10/29/44 1156-Ship went to General Quarters, enemy planes approaching formation. 1235-Secured from General Quarters. 1330-Went to General Quarters to repel threatened air attack from the northwest. 1343-All clear; secure from General Quarters.

11/27/44 1745-Entered Ulithi harbor and proceeded to refuel alongside USS Monongahela (AO-42)

11/28/44 Moored starboard side of USS Kalk in berth #9, Ulithi Atoll, Caroline Islands.

11/29/44 Transferred off Marshall to USS INTREPID (CV-11) for transportation to NTC, Treasure Island, San Francisco for Gunner’s Mates and Electric Hydraulic School.

11/29/44 Reported aboard USS Intrepid CV-11 for transportation to San Francisco.

12/20/44 Reported aboard NTS, Treasure Island, San Francisco.

1/25-5/5/45 Reported aboard US NAV REP BASE, San Diego, California for Gunnery School

02/08/45 Clyde went into San Diego on Liberty. He looked for a movie, but couldn’t find one that wasn’t sold out. Clyde stopped in a bar and drank a couple of beers and then went back to the base.

5/10-16/45 Took Leave while in route to Treasure Island, California.

05/15/45 Arrived by bus in San Francisco, California. He stayed in the YMCA until he left around 1600 on May 17 for Treasure Island.

5/17/45 Reported to U.S. RecShip, San Francisco for pre-commission duty for USS Cohocton

USS Cohocton (AO-101)

05/29/45 Clyde spent the day painting gun mounts. That evening he got ready for a locker inspection tomorrow morning.

06/17/45 While waiting for the Cohocton to be commissioned had shore patrol every other day. He spent his free time going to movies, reading and writing letters to Edna. They were told the Cohocton would be commissioned on August 12.

06/19/45 Clyde went aboard a Japanese Sub that had been sunk in action in the Lingayan Gulf late in 1944. The sub was salvaged and brought back to the states for exhibition. Even as short as Clyde was he had to stoop to walk around inside.

06/20/45 It was payday for Clyde. He received $8.00.

06/22/45 Clyde and his friend Jack went over to San Francisco for liberty.

06/23/45 Clyde and his friend Jack went over to San Francisco and went to the Golden State Park. They went to the museum and Aquarium. Then it was to Fisherman’s Warf for a fish dinner.

07/12/45 Clyde went into San Francisco to shop for a present for Edna.

07/16/45 Went to Point Montara, California for anti-aircraft instruction.

07/22/45 Clyde and the crew went a training ship for a week.

08/22/45 The crew took the Cohocton (AO-101) out for a trial run and while returning to the dock, the pilot misjudged the speed and rammed into the dock tearing up about 40 feet of dock and put a small hole in the ship’s hull. This happened the same day General MacArthur started landing troops into Japan.

8/25/45 Commissioning Ceremony and the crew officially reports aboard USS Cohocton (AO-101)

9/5/45 The Cohocton (AO-101) raised its anchor and set sail for the Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

9/17/45 Arrived at Eniwetok Atoll, The Marshall Islands.

9/19/45 Departed USS Cohocton for out-processing.

10/15/45 Arrived at Midway Island on merchant tanker SS Tampico.

10/17/45 Departed from Midway Island for the United States on SS Tampico. Preceded through the Panama Canal and docked in Galveston, Texas.

11/8/45 Awaiting transportation to Jacksonville, Florida at Galveston, Texas

11/15/45 Departed Galveston, Texas for Jacksonville, Florida

11/17/45 Arrived NPSC, Jacksonville, Florida

11/19/45 Discharged from NPSC, Jacksonville, Florida