Family History


            Benjamin Richardson(1) was born in 1740 in North Carolina.  On September 30, 1767, he married Sarah Mizell in Tyrrell County, North Carolina.  Sarah was the daughter of Luke Mizell IV and his wife Sarah.

            They migrated to Georgia by 1769, when he was granted 50 acres of land in St Philips Parish, Georgia.  In 1770 he was granted 150 acres also in St Philips Parish.  On August 2, 1774, he was granted 200 acres in St George Parish.

            Benjamin held public office as a Commissioner or Surveyor of roads.  According to “The Georgia Gazette,” on November 3, 1785, he was one of nineteen names on the Effingham County Grand Jury.

            On February 13, 1793, he was listed as the Tax Collector of Screven County.  Screven County was formed in 1793 from Effingham County.  From 1789 to 1790 he served as Justice of the Peace.  Bulloch County was formed in 1796.

            Benjamin and Sarah had seven Children, Hardy, Penelope, William, John, Francis, Benjamin(2), AND Amos.  Benjamin(1) died in Bulloch County in 1799. 

            In the first decade of the 1800’s, the Richardson children were drawn westward.  Their hopes centered on a new and better life in Washington Parish, Louisiana.  Hardy(2) was planning to move with his family when he died in 1809.  His wife Francis (Fanny) Mizel moved with their son Steven(3), now head of the Household, and Fanny’s seven younger children.  One of which, Matthew(3), died in the Battle of New Orleans, in 1815.

            Penelope Richardson(2) and her husband William Williams also went to Louisiana.

            Benjamin(2) and his wife Nancy followed and later in 1830 moved on to Texas.  They settled on the North bank of a bend in the Neches River, which was later known as Richardson’s Bluff, now known as Evadale.

            John(2) and his wife Nancy followed the family to Louisiana.  After Texas won her independence, they followed Benjamin and settled in Texas.

            William(2) married Jane and was the only child of Benjamin’s to remain in Bulloch County.  William lived from 1768 to 1817.  William and Jane had three known children, Abraham(3), Isaac(3) and Burrell(3).

            Isaac(3) (1796-7/1843) married Annie (1806-1841) in 1822.  They had 11 children, Abraham(4) (b-9/9/23), Burrell, John, Alexander, Rebecca, Benjamin, Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, James, and Georgia.

            Abraham(4) married Sophia and decided to follow some of his cousins to Volusia Landing, on the Saint Johns River in Volushia County, Florida.  In December of 1858, he applied for deeds to 39 & 84/100 acres of land he bought near Eldridge.  He paid $500.00.

            Abraham was politically conscience of the times.  Having the same first name as President Lincoln, in 1861 he named his son James Jefferson Davis Richardson.  During the Civil War, Abraham served with the Shell Point Rangers between the years of 1861 to 1863.

In 1868, He represented Volushia County as a State Senator in Tallahassee.  During that year he had Robert Neal Dillard and Duncan McBride erect a water-powered cotton gin at the spring west of the settlement.  During the next few years he turned an investment of $800 into $1,700 by grinding grits and meal in his mill and ginning cotton.  This was quite a tribute to his being a successful businessman.

            James Jefferson Davis Richardson(5) married Laura Odum on December 12, 1880.  They had six children, Oliver Leonard(6), William, Fred, Eva, Horace, and Ella Mae.  In 1900, the family was still living in Volushia County.  By the time he died in 1917, they were living in Arcadia, Florida.

            Oliver Leonard Richardson(6) was born in 1882.  He was a young man in his twenties when he moved to Sanibel Island.  On May 9, 1910, he married Lucy Reed Daniels.  They had two children, Clyde James(7) (June 27, 1911) and Frank Reed(7).  Oliver farmed and dabbled in Real Estate.  Lucy owned and ran the hotel, Sanibel House, which she had built before she had married Oliver.

            After a great hurricane hit Sanibel and saturated Oliver’s fields with salt water, they moved to Fort Myers in 1926.  Oliver died in 1942 and Lucy died in 1960.

            Clyde Richardson(7) moved to Gainesville, Florida to work for his Brother-in-law, David Kite.  He joined the Navy in December of 1941, just after Pearl Harbor was bombed.  He served with Navy gun crews on cargo ships crossing the Atlantic and was aboard the S.S. Oliver Ellsworth when she was torpedoed in a convoy headed for Murmansk.  Later he served aboard the destroyer USS Marshall DD-676 in the Pacific during the battles of the Philippine Sea and Leyte Gulf.

            During the war, he met Edna Frank (March 25, 1923) in New York.  They were married on January 26, 1946.  They settled in Gainesville, Florida and had four children, Kim Frank (May 10, 1947), Gail Dorothy (October 7, 1954), Jay Clyde (March 16, 1958) and Karen Lucy (November 5, 1959).

            Gail married Don Orth on 4/10/76).  They had two daughters, Brandy & Tiffany and a son Jerett.

            Kim moved to Houston in 1975.  Jay moved to Houston in 1979.  Kim married Carol Jones on July 11, 1981.  They had two sons, Scott (4/13/84) and Kevin 3/1/88).  Jay married Lucille Lazarone on November 14, 1981.  They had two daughters, Kelly (10/5/85) & Megan (2/10/89), and a son Matthew (3/10/1993).  On April 2, 2007 Karen adopted Marisa (age 13) and Autumn (age 7).